Do it in French!

 Someone asked me once how they could break through their language learning from knowing grammar and vocabulary to actually using it and I said “Everything you do, just do it in French.” If you’re thinking about something, try to think of it in French. If you need to look something up in Google, look it up in French. By doing these small daily activities that are so second nature to us you will gradually broaden your knowledge to include these little everyday areas that will be very useful in using your new language.
Want to make a new recipe? Look it up in French and learn all the vocabulary that has to do with the kitchen and various ingredients. Watch a French video that might demonstrate the preparation. This is a fun and easy way to give the language meaning in your life. It no longer becomes a “skill” to use, but rather it is an active part of your identity.
Reading the news about the latest movie releases? Do it in French! Doing your banking at the automated teller? Choose the French language option! Listening and reading in French are great ways to use memory to improve second language acquisition.