Popular French Saturday programs

 We are thrilled to see that our students are improving in their confidence and/or in their French skills. We will keep working hard on creating innovative programs to keep them engaged and interested. We truly care for our students, and it is when we all work together as parents, teachers, and student, that we will make a difference in their learning.
On that note, if you haven’t done so already, I highly encourage all the parents to set up  a parent-teacher interview with their school.  You and your child’s teacher must work together as a team that is committed to your child’s progress. The secret to building and maintaining that relationship is through communication. Make sure you establish a good rapport with the teacher in a spirit of collaboration and support.
Activities done in class
We want our students to live the French language and not just learn it as a course.
At My French Club, when we select and run activities such as yoga, or decorate a pumpkin, we use these activities as a platform for conversation activities. For instance, this week we asked each child to present their pumpkin and to describe us what, why and how they did it. Also, when they followed the yoga video and had to strike a lotus or penguin pose, the goal is to make them remember the words and expressions used in the video as they are acting on them. Moreover, yoga helps calm down children, stimulates neurons, oxygenate the brain, liberate tensions and so on.
Here is an excerpt for the yoga session that we did.
You may find sometimes that your child hasn’t finished an activity, or hasn’t worked on a new activity sheet at the end of the class. The reason is that we want to make sure they understand what they are learning by taking the time to explain and talking about it. We don’t want them to just rush through it by finishing the activity.
A really good website for your kids to have fun
If you don’t know this website yet, I would recommend you visit it with your child. It is a fully bilingual website, full of videos and games for different ages from 0 to 10 years old.
Browse on it in English (if it is easier for you) and just switch to French when you are on the activity or song you like for your kid.The switch button is located on top of each web page.
Visit our website at http://www.myfrenchclub.ca