French – The Fun Way

They say languages are learned more easily by children than adults and when we think about the reasons why, we can identify possible tools to help pick up a second language at any age. Children are less inhibited, and are fearless in immersing themselves in a new environment. They don’t worry about sounding imperfect or making silly grammatical errors. Children start with baby sounds, nursery rhymes and songs.

At MyFrenchClub, we try to make the environment as naturally filled with French as possible. That means that your children are hearing French in the smallest everyday ways. Beginning at the door when they are greeted, to instructions for making crafts and interacting during lessons. By hearing and using a new language in context, it enables the learner to remember more easily and use the phrases and words again.
We did a Mother’s Day activity where kids learned a poem and created a special card. They were able to learn the poem by memory but by crafting the card at the same time, they were also reinforcing their comprehension and spoken French to talk about what they were doing.
The kids learned a new song, “Pirouette, cacaouete”, which was a fun way to practice pronunciation, learn new vocabulary and give the children the opportunity to answer questions about the song. The kids love being able to provide answers and get to sing and dance at the same time.
We love to LOL – Learn out loud 😀