Founder’s Story

Most people who know me will say that I am a social butterfly! I love hanging out with people. I love sharing new ideas and resources. I also love new adventures and being independent.

I grew up in Paris, France and moved to Canada about twelve years ago. It was probably the best decision that I made. I just love it here. I love the atmosphere, the diversity, the chance that we are given to be whoever we want to be!

I am a mom of two kids and without them this Club would not have seen the light. It is thanks to them that I have become a teacher, and gathered so many resources around teaching French. They challenge me everyday to be a better person and for that I am grateful to them. Being a working mama, my life is a discipline in balance, but I am blessed by it and I just want to make the best of it every single day.

I also really love languages. I grew up with a multilingual family and a father who speaks 9 languages constantly hearing various dialects and dealing with various cultures. So learning languages is second nature in our house. We mainly learned languages by singing as my dad was always humming some melodies in the house…

Why did I decide to start My French Club?

I have been teaching French to children and students since 2001. Sometimes from my home, sometimes from community centers, sometimes on a one on one basis and sometimes as a group study. I am told that I am really good at what I do and I do enjoy it. I was trained as a Project Manager and worked for many years in that position, so I am good at speaking in public and being organized. I am ecstatic to be able to earn my living now in doing what I am passionate about: helping people with the skills that God gave me. I also help students learning a new language and believe in their full potential. I really want to provide for each one of them the best possible positive and encouraging learning environment, paired with an excellent level of French.

I am so grateful to all the incredible people I meet everyday and the incredible team we have at My French Club- the wonderful community encouraging and supporting us, the team that is so full of positive and creative energy.

Beauty and creativity happen everyday in our Club!