How to be a Successful Student (of Life)

Choose to:

1. Have a positive attitude

2. Set, commit to and strive for realistic goals

3. Be flexible

4. Ask thoughtful questions

5. Ask for help when necessary

6. Be motivated by achievement rather than by fear of failure

7. Be respectful of yourself and others

8. Discuss what you are learning with others

9. Reflect on all that you learn

10. Be respectful of time

11. Have excellent attendance

12. Be prepared

13. Explore your intellectual curiosities

14. Be responsible

15. Think balanced thoughts

16. Understand and accept your perceived strengths and weaknesses

17 Put in the appropriate amount of effort depending on the assignment

18. Always attempt a task

19. Be organized

20. Communicate clearly and concisely

21. Accept constructive criticism and make the necessary changes

22. Be independent

23. Face your fears and anxieties

24. Take good notes

25. Let go of the need for approval

26. Relinquish the need for control

27. Have faith in yourself and others

School can in many ways be a microcosm of life. Many situations are replicated: there is a boss to answer to, deadlines to meet, and priorities to choose. Being a good student in school can therefore be a precursor to being a good life student.