Things you can do during vacation

Here is a list of ideas for activities that your child can do while on vacation. They will give your child a great variety of learning experiences and make their trip meaningful. En français, of course 🙂

1. Keep diaries of the trip

  • sequence or record of places, specific details
  • feelings of impressions of what is experienced. This teaches writing, organizational grammar, spelling and creative skills)

2. Collect pamphlets and organize these into a scrapbook. Summarize the main ideas from these.
3. Map the route being followed
4. Calculate distances between cities, lunch stops, motels
5. Predict and estimate distances and times
6. Keep a record of fuel costs, compute mileages, average daily costs
7. Prepare a report to share with the class about the highlights of your trip
8. Take a library book or read a magazine for kids
9. Sketch places of interest and write up a brief story of each
10. Prepare reports on specific visits (museum, beach, grandma…)

Enjoy your vacation!