Why should my child join My French Club?

Whether your child is in Core French or French Immersion, additional exposure to French is important in achieving the program goals. Just as living in an English environment contributes to the development of your children’s English, similarly experiencing French outside the classroom will enhance their French skills, understanding of the culture, as well as their confidence.

Below we have listed a number of reasons, not in any order in particular, why we believe that our programs will be a great support tool for your child’s French education.

-Our teachers are either Ontario Certified Teachers or Teachers in training

-For most of us, French is our mother tongue. The rest of us have an excellent command of the language as we have been speaking and teaching French for many many years. All our mentors have been tested and selected for their great positive attitude.

-We have been in the education field for many years as tutors, teachers, representative in schools, volunteers. We know the school system and the Ontario Curriculum inside out.

-We include activities that allow our students to experience French as a living language and to be able to use it outside of the classroom.

-Our programs are enriched with lots of multimedia, visual materials, videos and other resources to engage the student’s learning.

-We make it personal! Every child counts! This is your French Club! We develop the programs you want us to. Your ideas are always welcome.

-We put in a crazy number of hours in developing every single program. We are passionate about what we do. We truly care for your kids.

-We coach students to give them the confidence needed to learn a language and enjoy learning. We developed a number of Coaching sessions with various themes that are age appropriate to build confidence in them.

-Lots of people apply to become a Mentor at My French Club, but we just pick the very best!

-Time is precious; we don’t want to waste your time or add more on your child’s busy schedule. When you come to My French Club, it is to learn and reinforce your learning at school in an engaging way so you remember better and want to come back for more!

I am a mother of two kids, 9 and 5. I pick and drop my kids to various programs in the city, constantly hoping that it is all worth it and that they are not wasting their time in the programs. With that in mind, I’ve designed the program to be of maximum benefit to the kids and the parents as well, so when they leave the class for that day, the kids have a smile on their faces, and the parents have a feeling of satisfaction.