Making a positive educational experience a reality that will last a lifetime!

My French Club is the only language club in Mississauga and Oakville, Ontario, dedicated to providing you unique enrichment programs in French, in the most cost effective manner possible. Don’t live in our area? Don’t worry! We offer great lessons across countries via Skype, so that you can achieve your linguistic goals.

We are a team of passionate and enthusiastic Francophones and Francophiles who will amaze you with our positive attitude and outstanding coaching skills that we deliver to all our students.

We offer a wide variety of educational programs that are catered to children and adults with no prior knowledge of French, and also to students enrolled in French Immersion or French as a Second Language (Core French) classes. Our programs are specially designed to help all level of students with diverse needs to achieve their goals. We provide the best service to our students and are continuously striving to improve our program offerings and further expand to new locations!

Our goal for our children’s programs is to ensure students’ active use of their French skills outside of the classroom. We accomplish this by providing a positive learning environment that gives our students great French experience that will inspire them to continue their studies in French, while also achieving academic success and boosting their self-confidence.

We recognize that parents may have the best intention to support their children and want to help them succeed in their French education, but not knowing the language can make parents feel disconnected from their children or even helpless at times. We can bridge the gap between parents and their children by helping you with all your French needs!

In My French Club we:

Speak in French 99% of the time,
Conduct a coaching session to give students the confidence needed to be great learners,
Use multimedia (videos, music, PowerPoint, pictures) as powerful learning tools to keep students engaged,
Make learning fun and appealing for our students so they LOVE coming to their French Club and want to pursue their French studies!
We limit the number of participants so we can give lots of personal attention to our students. Quality comes only with a low mentor to student ratio. We strive to develop a special rapport with each student!
We sponsor up to 2 children in EVERY group program that we offer. Sponsored children have their fees waived or reduced. This is our way in giving back to the communities we are in. To learn more about our sponsorship program, contact us.

How a child does in school goes hand-in-hand with what he or she does outside of school. Extracurricular programs greatly complement schools by improving academic outcomes, reinforce learning and promote confidence among all students involved. The benefits of programs, like French Immersion, will be truly obtained when the students are exposed to French experiences outside of the classroom. You don’t need to move to France when you can send your kids to My French Club! We offer that unique and fun French experience that your kids will be raving about.

“Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself”

–John Dewey, philosopher and educational reformer

Our French Mentors

We carefully select and train each mentor at My French Club and ensure that everyone adheres to the same philosophy.

The interview and selection process is very rigorous, as we only hire the best French mentors. Our mentors feel that they are part of a big family because each one is continuously supported and encouraged to succeed. My French Club provides tremendous French resources at their disposal so that they are equipped with the latest curriculum and best teaching methods.

My French Club is privileged to have a team of 10 French mentors on board.  Their French language skills are excellent and they are experienced in bringing out the best in their students. All of us love to share our passion for the French language when teaching you or your child.

Founder’s Story

Bonjour friends! I’m Asma, the founder of My French Club. I’m a social butterfly who loves to help people and share great ideas. People who know me describe me as a friendly, energetic and independent person who loves a good challenge. I’ve been on many adventures, but I can easily say that My French Club is one of my greatest adventures to date.

I was raised in Paris, France and moved to Canada over 15 years ago. It was one of the best decisions I made because I simply adore Canada. I love the atmosphere, the diversity and more importantly, the opportunities we are given to be whoever we want to be!

I grew up in a multilingual family, with my father who speaks 9 languages! It was ordinary for me to hear various dialects and interact with various cultures, which is something that I fully embraced. As you can see, learning new languages is a skill that comes easy to me. One of the best ways to learn a new language is through singing, a technique that my father used in our home. I still remember his old songs he used to sing to us!

I’m mother to 2 wonderful kids –without them, this club would not have manifested. It’s thanks to them that I have become a passionate teacher who collected vast resources about effectively teaching French. My kids inspire me to be a better person and I’m very grateful for them. I feel very blessed to have my family support and encourage me to manage My French Club.

The Creation of My French Club

Aside from my pure love of the French language, I am very passionate about education and teaching. I have taught French to children and adults since 2001. Before the start of My French Club, I tutored students in various settings, including from my home and community centres. I’m experienced in teaching students on a one-on-one basis and as a group study. I get so much joy out of teaching and helping students reach their goals, and it helps that people constantly tell me how good I am at it!

Initially, I was trained to be a project manager and worked many years in that position. This job taught me how to become a great public speaker and how to be effectively organized. Though I liked being a project manager, teaching French is a strong passion of mine that inevitably led me to start My French Club. At My French Club, we provide a positive learning environment for our students to help them achieve an excellent level of French. I absolutely love helping students learn a new language and reach their full potential, it’s like a new, thrilling adventure each time!

Fun and Education go Hand-in-Hand

We strongly believe that every person is capable of success when he/she is in the right environment and given the right tools. At My French Club, we provide an environment conducive for greater learning and offer strategies that will guarantee you improvement in your French communication. We recognize that people learn best when they enjoy the learning process, so we make sure that our students are having fun along the way. We help our students feel capable by teaching them French academic skills to become independent learners. We have a saying in My French Club that we passionately believe in: “c’est toujours Fantastique!”


At My French Club we understand that many families have a long list of expenses and sometimes it’s tough to keep on top of all of it. We want everyone to have the opportunity to learn French, so we have made our programs as cost-effective as possible. We also sponsor 2 children per program, so they can have the chance to learn French, just like anybody else.


Our main location is in Mississauga, and we are now expanding into Oakville. We also provide private classes in Brampton. Do you live outside of these locations? Not to worry! We offer classes to people across the world through Skype. Program location and Skype availability are indicated on specific program pages.