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“Making a positive educational experience a reality – and one that will last a lifetime!”

My French Club is the only language Club in Mississauga, ON dedicated to providing you with unique enrichment programs in French, in a cost effective manner. We are a team of passionate and enthusiastic Francophones and Francophiles who will amaze you by our positive attitude and great coaching skills that we bring forward to all our students.

Our variety of educational programs is offered to children, adults with no prior knowledge of French, and students enrolled in French Immersion or French as a Second Language (Core French). Our programs are very diverse and we try to cater to all needs.This is just the beginning; we hope to continuously improve our program offerings and expand to new locations!

Our aim is to empower families interested in complementing their children’s education by ensuring their active use of their French skills outside of the classroom. This positive learning environment makes for a total French experience that will only inspire students to continue their studies in French, while achieving academic success and boosting their self-confidence.

At My French Club’s Programs:

 We speak in French 99% of the time.

 We conduct a coaching session to give students the confidence needed to be great learners.

 We use Multimedia (videos, music, PP, pictures) a powerful learning tool, to keep students engaged.

 We make learning fun and appealing for our students so they love coming to THEIR French Club and want to pursue their French studies!

 We limit the number of participants so we can give personal attention to our students. Quality comes only with a low mentor to student ratio. Yes, we make it personal!

 We sponsor up to 2 children in every group program that we offer.
How a child does in school goes hand-in-hand with what he does outside of school. Extra-curricular programs greatly complement schools to increase academic outcomes, reinforce learning and promote confidence among all students involved. This is why the advantages of a program such as the French Immersion will only fully be realized when children are also exposed to French experiences outside of the classroom.

Furthermore, we recognize that even with the greatest of intentions to support their children and have them succeed in their French education, not knowing the language can make parents feel disconnected or helpless at times. This is why we created My French Club, a Club to help you with all your French needs!

« Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself. » John Dewey

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