This is what students and parents had to say about us:

 “John started out this process hating French, now he tells me he wants to speak fluent French!!!  He moved to just trying to obtain his grade 9 credit and then dropping French, to wanting to do it for the rest of his life.I am very impressed and satisfied with the service I have received. Anyone that can turn a child from hating to loving in such a short time truly has a gift.” Parent of John, Grade 9 Core French 

bullet ” Excellent, parfait,  and the BEST Pancakes EVER. Can I go again next week?”. Sofia, Grade 1 French Immersion

 ” I want to go back again to the camp! They are so nice and they always give us something yummy!” Sylva, Grade 3 French Immersion

bullet ” I know you truly care for my daughter and you try your best so she does better at school, and I really want to thank you for that.” Parent of Farah, Grade 3 French Immersion

 ” I felt very happy about myself and I learned about things that I didn’t know before”. Daniel, Grade 1 French Immersion

bullet ” I am learning a lot over here and I am having fun too.” Kira, Grade 1 French Immersion

 ” At My French Club, I learned new verbs,new expressions in French,how to read and I made a new friend.” Emily, Grade 2 French Immersion

bullet ” You make the learning experience fun and my son enjoys taking the class which keeps him focused even after school. When I asked him what he likes about it, he simply says: ‘She is really good’… so thank you for your outstanding service. I’d recommend you for any child, or any adult wanting to learn French.” Jessy, Parent of Grade 1 French Immersion student

 ” My son’s French was weak before signing him up for French lessons… I like working with you because you give him extra material and that helps him with his class work. I am more than satisfied with your work, and if I decide to put my daughter in French Immersion, I definitely will bring her to you.” Adam, Parent of Grade 1 French Immersion student

bullet ” I feel lucky that I began taking classes with you because my confidence and ability in my conversation skills have increased exponentially. Without you, French was merely words from a dictionary on paper with no life. Now I can truly say I am living in French!” Christine, Adult student

bullet ” I feel so lucky to have taken French lessons with you as my grades have improved and I enjoy French more now.” Markian, Grade 5 English Program student

bullet ” It was awesome and hilarious!” Zayan, Grade 2 French Immersion student

bullet ” You helped my son with his French for several months and during that time his grammar and vocabulary improved considerably.The classes were lots of fun involving different resources and activities: exercises from Internet, reading books, helping with homework from school, etc… My son really enjoyed the French classes with you and always was looking forward to the next class. Thank you.” Debbie, Parent of Grade 4 French Immersion student

bullet ” Before starting your program , my son was struggling with reading and writing in French. In class he did not feel comfortable with the assigned work, working with you as a mentor helped him to further develop his reading and writing skills… He is now capable of reading and writing more comfortably and has become more confident when pronouncing French words. I am truly satisfied with what the program provided, as it helped him become more comfortable with the French language.” Luba, Parent of Grade 2 French Immersion student

bullet ” My French tutor is fun and I love reading with her!” Ali, Grade 3 French Immersion

bullet ” My daughter improved tremendously her French and French presentation. She got extra homework and more information under your supervision…We definitely got more than what we expected. She is now very confident in speaking French and enjoys it much more.Thank you so much.” May, Parent of Grade 5 French Immersion student

 ” After returning from a year in France, I was hoping to find a native-French speaker in Mississauga rather than making the trip to Toronto. I couldn’t have found a better teacher to improve my conversational and grammar skills. I was immediately comfortable speaking with her(I can be very shy!) and I enjoyed our intelligent and thoughtful conversations. Furthermore, she was always available to answer any questions I had even after our classes had ended. My tutor was both professional and approachable and I would recommend her without a doubt!” Tatyana, Adult student

bullet ” It is truly wonderful for my kids to be part of this !” Tara, Parent of Grade 1 and Grade 3 French Immersion students

 ” Wonderful program! I would love to see you open more locations! ” Yasmine, Parent of Grade 1 French immersion student

bullet ” My French Club is awesome cause it is just awesome! ” Natalia, SK student

 ” My child loved the Singathon and Movathon program and had a great experience with the knowledge to go further! I would highly recommend you. Thank you.” Parent of Grade 2 French immersion student