French Tutoring for Kids

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and keeping up with the Health Ministry’s social distancing guidelines, we have temporarily moved French Tutoring online. We provide the same exciting experience of learning French using modern communication and collaboration tools. Please visit our Online French Classes page to register.

Students Helped

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Private French classes are an ideal way to get a customized lesson that perfectly fits your child’s needs. We offer French tutoring all across the Greater Toronto Area, to children at all levels and can prepare them for any programs (DELF, French certificate, IB preparation, gifted students, Core French, French Immersion, French schools, French translation).  

My French Club hires qualified Native French teachers who have been hand picked for their high level of knowledge, teaching experience, superb coaching skills and their ability to instill in their students a love of the French language. They are able to teach French in various subjects (math, science, social studies, etc.), as well as exercise critical thinking, time management, and good study skills. My French Club offers our teachers multitude of French academic resources to use so that they can consistently deliver quality French education to their students.

If your child does not get homework or you just want a workbook for him/her, we have more than 30 French booklets for sale! These booklets contain close to 100 worksheets and are great at building good grammar and effective comprehension skills. If you want a copy for your child, just email us at to arrange the drop off of your booklet. Your child must be part of one of My French Club’s programs to have access to it. Price is $20 only.

Structure of Tutoring Class

With a review/correction of students’ homework (5 minutes)

Homework is usually given priority to build students’ confidence at school. We then focus on taking the student’s level to the next step with enrichment activities. Focus is given to improve reading, oral and writing skills at their grade level and beyond (45 minutes)

We find out what the students’ interests are and use that when teaching them the French language. Examples of activities would include online educational games, reading stories, online French exercises (10 minutes)


Mississauga libraries and occasionally at the student’s home (extra fee for in-home). Oakville’s tutoring is for the moment in-home.



Monday to Sunday from 7 am to 9 pm, throughout the year, online or in person. We also teach during the Winter Break, March Break and Summer Break.

Students can sign up for the first hour with no commitment to ensure there is harmony between the tutor and the student. If all goes well, we then request a minimum commitment of 10 hours. Tutoring can occur as often as you wish, the minimum commitment being one tutoring session (1 hour minimum) per week which is needed in order to have a continuity in the learning. Cancellation is possible with a 24-hour notice. Throughout the ten hours, the tutor communicates with the parent/student regarding his/her progress and discusses the strategies that can be put in place at home to support the learning.

Upon request, a French Achievement Report could be issued at a price of $40.

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Avoiding Conflict of Interest

All our teachers must avoid any activity that creates an actual or potential conflict of interest and avoid any situation that may even present the appearance of a conflict of interest with My French Club. We ask you, that in order to safeguard our teacher’s contract, to refrain from requesting their services outside of My French Club. It also makes them feel very uncomfortable! Thank you.

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