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Online Enrichment French Classes. The new schedule is out for 2020/2021!
Registration starts this Friday Aug 14

Due to popular demand, we’re offering Online Enrichment French Classes for the school year 2020/2021.

Using Zoom Video and Google Classroom, these virtual  French Enrichment classes will be offered from Sept to June to compensate for the learning your child maybe missing due to the global pandemic. Best of all, children don’t have to leave the safety and comfort of their homes to get access to quality French teachers to build on their French language skills. We provide personal attention with a small online class ratio of 1 teacher to a maximum of 7 students  and aim to help them improve in 4 critical areas: French Reading, French Listening, French Speaking, and French Writing.

Why join our AWESOME classes?

  • Zoom Video Conferencing is used for interaction with your child for listening and speaking skills
  • Students are grouped by French skill level
  • The teacher is an Ontario French teacher with many years of experience and whose mother tongue is French
  • Having the same Teacher assigned to the student throughout the school year allows for a personal bond to be created
  • Familiarity with the same student allows for better assessment of their skills and feedback is given when needed
  • Homework is given out weekly. Students submit the homework which is marked and returned before the next class
  • Google Classroom is used for homework submission, correction and personal feedback
  • We teach reading comprehension, vocabulary, grammar and conjugation
  • Weekly routine provides learning consistency

Schedule and Pricing- New schedule for 2020/2021

  • 2 sessions:

    Session A: 16 weeks from Sept to Jan 2021

    Session B: 16 weeks from Feb to June 2021.
    Sign up for one or both. sessions.

  • Classes start on Sept 21st and run until June 20, 2021. 32 weeks in total. No class on Holidays, Winter Break, March Break.
  • $416/session of 16 weeks. Each class is 60 minutes. Save 5% when you register for both sessions from Sept to June. If you join after the starting date, price gets prorated to the number of classes left.
  • Grades are applicable for the year 2020/2021.
  • If you’re not sure about the French Level of your child, please contact us and we’ll help you in choosing a slot
  • A maximum of 7 spots per class, available on first come first serve basis. 
  • After the first 2/3 classes, we may propose moving a student to a more appropriate group based on their French skill level
Time EST Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
2:00 PM
Grade 1 French Immersion/French school
Grade 2 French Immersion/French School
Grade 3 French Immersion/French School
Grade 4 French Immersion/French School
Time EST Friday Saturday Sunday
8:20 AM


Grade SK / 1 French Immersion/French School
9:30 AM
Grade 2 French Immersion/French School
Grade 3 French Immersion/French School
Grade 1 French Immersion/French School
Grade 3 French Immersion/French school
Grade 4 French Immersion/French School
Grade 2 French Immersion/French School
12:00 PM
Grade 8/9 French Immersion/French School
Grade 2 French Immersion/French School
Grade 3 French Immersion/French School
1:15 PM
Grade 4 French Immersion/French School
Grade 6/7 French Immersion/French School
Grade 4 French Immersion/French School
2:30 PM
Grade 1 French Immersion/French School
Grade 5 French Immersion/French School
Grade 6/7 French Immersion/French School
3:45 PM
Grade 5 French Immersion/French School


Grade 5 French Immersion/French School

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Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing

Our experienced teachers develop in-house content for these online classes by carefully selecting a variety of French activities that are grade appropriate. Our goal, when we teach your child, is to improve their speaking, reading and listening skills.  With their weekly assigned homework, we will be able to give them personal feedback so they can review and improve for the following week. From reading comprehension, sentence building, reading stories, conjugation and much more, we do our level best to give an edge to your child  in their French skills and feel much confident attending the French schooling.

Zoom Video Conferencing

We’ve decided to use Zoom as our medium of instruction for our online virtual sessions.  We keep a very close eye on the security and privacy news as it pertains to the Zoom video conferencing platform. Therefore, we’ve instituted the following policies to ensure the privacy of our staff and students:

1. There will be no recording of the live sessions
2. We constantly update our privacy settings for Zoom to keep up with new security features
3. A meeting password to join your scheduled Zoom session will be required. This meeting ID and password will be mailed out to you after you’ve registered
4. Once all the students have joined the virtual classroom, we lock the meeting room to prevent any unauthorized access
5. Private chats between participants has been disabled

Cancellation Policy

  • Unfortunately due to the high number of registered students and the online set up, we cannot offer trial classes or make up classes.
  • No refunds or credits for cancellations made less than 2 weeks prior to the scheduled start of the program
  • No refunds or credits on classes that have already commenced. If refund is approved for medical or exceptional reasons, there will be an administration fee of 35% of the fee for the session per student withheld on all refunds.
  • All cancellations are subject to a $50.00 administration fee