Core French Program (Core French/Extended French)

For those who are currently studying Core French (English Track) at school, this program is meant to expand your understanding of the French language. This workshop is composed of an intensive reading program which helps students become more confident in their ability to understand texts and stories as we teach them the words and the language structure. Activities such as sentence building, vocabulary enrichment (learning new words), dictation to help with spelling, creative writing, songs and educational games will give students great academic advantage.

New lesson plan for every session. Children are grouped by French level. We use multimedia, a powerful learning tool, to keep students engaged.

REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN FOR SPRING SESSION (April 12th to June 28th 2014). Please register online or call 647-847-6585 to process payments.

Click here for more details about pricing and schedule.

Programs run throughout the school year (fall, winter, spring) from the brand new facility at Sheridan College Campus in Square one, Mississauga.See map

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  • Core French / Extended French

    A Fun yet Academic program for students (grade 4 to 8) enrolled in the regular English curriculum or in Extended French, who wish to improve their French Language skills.