French Online Classes

We are pleased to offer this service to anyone in the world, experiencing any difficulties with French whether it be a French translation, homework or work email. It is an easy way to quickly access a Francophone instructor on demand. We will help you with any French language related difficulty and use whatever communication medium you feel comfortable with (email, skype, phone, etc). If we can’t help you, we will not charge you!

To access a Francophone instructor, you can follow the quick easy steps below:

Step 1: Call us at 647-847-6585 or email us your request at We make sure that the extent of your needs can be solved in a timely manner.
Step 2: Pay online by selecting the option that will be appropriate to you: $20 per 1/2 hour; $35 per hour ; You can book more hours for bigger projects.
Step 3: We get it done! Voilà!

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