Singathon and Movathon (Grade 1 French Immersion; SK; Beginners)

Let yourself breathe in and learn a language with music to get a rhythmic introduction to French!

This popular workshop is especially designed for beginners with little or no knowledge of French (Grade 1 French Immersion; SK to Grade 3 English Track). This program is meant to develop vocabulary, pronunciation, and knowledge of language structure. Since singing and music are extremely entertaining and intensely interactive, we’ll use multimedia, a powerful learning tool, to keep the kids engaged. Children are encouraged to sway and repeat outloud to match the rhythm and lyrics of songs. And to improve their reading and pronunciation skills, we will read together the songs learned as well as have a written activity linked to the theme of the day. Research has shown a powerful link between sounds, and memory retention. Singing will use a combination of both, the entertainment value, and the sensory interactions, to enhance memorization by using repetition of words that are used to construct phrases and sentences.

Very limited spaces and popular program! Kids are grouped by level. New curriculum for every session.

REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN FOR SPRING SESSION (April 12th to June 28th 2014). Please register online or call 647-847-6585 to process payments.

Click here for more details about pricing and schedule.

Programs run throughout the school year (fall, winter, spring) from the brand new facility at Sheridan College Campus in Square one, Mississauga.See map

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