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Healthy Sugars, Healthy Brains!

As parents, do you find yourself worrying about your child being addicted to sugar?

Today there is mounting evidence that high levels of sugar consumption can wreak havoc on the health of their brain. Over consumption leads to impaired learning skills, lethargy, behavioral problems and impaired memory, which is precisely what your child needs to learn and excel at languages!

At My French Club, we want to raise children who are healthy in their minds and bodies. Although, providing healthy food at home is half the battle; getting children interested in eating it is the other half. For this reason, we would like to invite your child to a workshop about healthy and unhealthy food choices and get them interested in choosing and eating the right ones.

Very interactive and hands on workshop with videos, songs, and exercises:

  • Discover all the sugars hidden in your favorite drinks and foods.
  • Understand the role of food in their bodies
  • How diseases linked to high sugars look like inside the body.
  • Workout Session
  • Pick and savor your own made smoothie.

Health Workshop to be delivered by aspiring physician Nicholas who is currently working at the Toronto General Hospital.

Language of instruction for this class is French at 90%. Join us! Fun and enjoyable workshop for kids guaranteed!

Who: Children from 5 to 12 years old.

When: TBA

Hours: TBA

Where: Sheridan College Hazel McCallion Campus, 4180 Duke of York Blvd, Mississauga

Cost: TBA

Allergies: We will make and serve fresh smoothies. These might include ingredients such as fruits, vegetables, coconut oil, cow milk, almond milk. The facility cannot guarantee a peanut-free environment.

A maximum of 20 spots available for this class only. Register early to book your spot.