French Macarons

You haven’t lived until you’ve tried authentic, gourmet macarons delivered all the way from France. Made by the caring hands of a family that has been in this business for more than 3 generations, these France Originelle macarons are indeed exquisite. The macarons are filled with a light, yet decadent filling and are covered with a thin, luxuriously crispy crust that will make your mouth water for more. If you want to indulge your sweet tooth or give a special gift, these exquisite macarons are the ideal answer.

These heavenly macarons have won the prestigious Trophee de la Gastronomie Award. They are served in 5-star hotels and restaurants all over the world: France, Ireland, Taiwan, Spain, Oman, Belgium, Germany, Saudia Arabia and more. France Originelle macarons are carefully crafted and exceed the standards set for taste and quality.

Sweet Macarons

These sweet macarons come in a variety of impeccable flavours:

Salted Butter Caramel
Orange Cream
Macha Tea
Strawberry Mojito (no alcohol)

*Macarons are gluten-free!

Savory Macarons

France Originelle also offers unique savory macarons that can be used as appetizers. These tasty savory macarons come in the following flavors:

Porcini Mushroom
Truffles Mushroom, back by popular demand
Aged Goat Cheese
Roquefort (French blue cheese)
Green Olive Tapenade
Sweet Pepper
Oregano and Thyme

Many connoisseurs claim that cep mushrooms are a highly-prized ingredient, thus making it one of the finest edible mushrooms in the world. The

Perfect for every occasion!

Whether you purchase macarons to treat yourself (you absolutely deserve it!) or they are a gift for someone else, every box is guaranteed to make that occasion more special.

Buy French macarons for:

wedding parties/favors
bridal showers
baby showers
dinner parties
Christmas parties
fancy lunches and dinners
corporate or private gifts/events
to treat yourself!

We can accommodate you to meet your needs (individual, corporate, delicatessen, hotels, restaurants, department stores, organic supermarkets, etc.) and are committed to providing you top quality service.


These boxes can be one flavour or assorted, according to your preference.

Box of 15 sweet macarons: $43
Box of 20 sweet macarons: $58
Box of 25 sweet macarons: $72

Box of 15 savory macarons: $43
Box of 20 savory macarons: $58
Box of 35 savory macarons: $72

Delivery is an extra $5 – $25, depending on your location. We are located in the Milton, Oakville, Mississauga, Ontario area. Pick-up is free from the Erin Mills, Mississauga location.

Place an Order

To place an order, please call or what’s app at 1.647.705.0626 or email us at with your order of macarons, along with the time and the delivery location.