My French Club

Online French Classes For Adults

We are pleased to offer this service to anyone in the world, experiencing any difficulties with French whether it be French translation, homework or work email. We can also teach you conversational French on Skype.

It is an easy way to quickly access a native French instructor on demand from the comfort of your home. We will help you with any French language related difficulty and use whatever communication medium you feel comfortable with (email, skype, phone, etc.). If we can’t help you, we will not charge you!

To access a French instructor, you can follow the quick easy steps below:

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Register online to book your preferred time for your first paid trial class.

We will call you within 48 hours to confirm time.

A confirmation email is sent out with all the pertinent details for your first class

Avoiding Conflict of Interest

All our instructors must avoid any activity that creates an actual or potential conflict of interest and avoid any situation that may even present the appearance of a conflict of interest with My French Club. We ask you, that in order to safeguard our teacher’s contract, to refrain from requesting their services outside of My French Club. It also makes them feel very uncomfortable! book now