French Resources

Below are some useful links for parenting tips and the use of the French language at home. If you are unable to find what you are looking for, please let us know by contacting us and we will happily do the research for you!

Downloadable Parenting Resources (from FRP Canada)

Building Social and Emotional Skills
A sense of belongingFrom hitting to words
Good judgement takes practiceHelping children understand death
Positive thinking habitsProtecting and preparing
Understanding and stopping bullyingAnger in the family

Literacy and Numeracy
Choosing quality booksConnecting through stories (multiple languages)
Learning good financial habitsMath with kids is fun!
The pleasures of reading aloud (multiple languages)

Child Development
Developing through workKnowing what to expect
They don’t think like we do

Guiding Children’s Behaviour
Breaking ineffective patternsFocus on next time
Giving children feedbackHandy phrases for parents
Helping children behave wellHidden messages of misbehaviour
Limits help children growPromoting positive behaviour (multiple languages)
Setting consequencesThe drawbacks of rewards
Time-in, NOT time-outWhen consequences don’t work
Looking for the good side



Reading, Poetry, Songs

Tumblebooks (Click on Tumble Book Library)

Il Etait Une Histoire

French Poems for Children with English Translation

Mama Lisa, French Songs with an English Version

French Audio Lab – French Listening Links and Resources – Listen to French

Children’s Books Forever

French Children’s Stories

A Treasure Chest for Families New to French Immersion

Chansons en français – all in French

Chansons et comptines traditionnelles pour enfants

Improve Your French Vocabulary

French audio dictionary organized alphabetically

Hello World

Play and Learn French


Digital Dialects in French

Learn French with free online classes


Games and Coloring

Up to Ten, Bilingual Website with Songs and Games

Games in French

Jeux pour enfants en ligne (games for children online)

French for Life

Amélioration du français

Le terrain de jeux

Great Apps to download

Chaperon Rouge de Grimm

Qui est-ce?


uTalk Canadian French

Feed Me (French)

Jeux pour lire avec Sami et Julie

J’apprends les formes et les couleurs

Pierre et le loup

The Amazing Spider-man: Les origines

Les trois petits cochons 

M. Le Loup et les gâteaux du gingembre

La maison que Jacques a bâtie

French Sounds

French numbers for Kids (Montessori)

T’Choupi joue avec les couleurs

Jambe Longue et le Pirate Sans Nez

Numberland (Montessori) avec Tam et Tao

La Tour Eiffel a des ailes


Grammar, Reading Comprehension
and French Exercises or Activities


French Grammar Tips and Articles

French Exercises

French Grammar

French Online Grammar Quiz

Grammar Exercises

Languages Online

French Activities for Children

French Linguistics

Illustrated French Dictionary

Reading Comprehension

Online Newspapers

French Radio

Télévision Française de l’Ontario (TFO)

Le grenier de Bisou, TFO

TFO Mini

TVO Kids with Magie Gi

Games and APPS – TFO

MINI TFO – An innovative app that lets children, aged 2 to 8, learn and grow in the magical, fun, and educational world of Mini TFO.
– An interactive and educational application allowing children, aged 2 to 6, to experience reading with Josée and Louis.
– A fun interactive story for children! Zacharie and Rex play hide and seek, but Rex can’t seem to find a good hiding place…
1,2,3 …GÉANT
– This series introduces children, aged 2 to 6, to learning letters, tracing simple shapes and calligraphy.
– Science and the random nature of things! It’s all about knowledge and chance! Throw the dice and thwart your opponents!
– Three positively monstrous games! A silly, funny, and entertaining app for the young and bold.

Canadian Parents for French


Canadian Parents for French (Ontario)

Early Childhood Activity Workbook, by Canadian Parents for French

Type French

Easy Type French Accents